14 January, 2014 - 22:33
Assignment: two people shoot each other in both, a caricature as well as the opposite, a dignified way.  20 minutes time.
A caricature is defined in Wikipedia as:
A caricature is a rendered image showing the features of its subject in a simplified or exaggerated way.

Discussing the images  Armin and Michael point out a number of parameters:

Wide angle lenses feature what is close to the lens, make it over-proportionally big and thus are typical for caricature way of imagery. Tele lenses do the inverse, they compress perspective, so are chosen for favorable portraits. In fact most of us applied these focal distances accordingly in their images. 

Light coming from atop smooths (rather "beautiful"), light coming from the ground accentuates (rather "strange" effect).
View angle from above evokes friendliness, from beneath leans to the caricature.

But there are exceptions to the rule.
Smiling can kill authenticity and the borderline between Mona Lisa type smile and the fake-smile is thin. The fact that smiles are rarely to be found in painted portraits may have to do with the requirement of the model sitting still for a long while, making constant smile an extremely hard business. 
The model is usually the caricature, but also the very image itself can become a caricature when it breaks or denies imagery code conventions like blurred eyes.

A caricature can also derive from a shift in accentuation: when rendition of clothes becomes the dominating feature of a portrait.  

Lena by Iris:

bildschirmfoto_2014-01-14_um_23.45.34.png bildschirmfoto_2014-01-14_um_23.45.13.png

Iris by Lena:

bildschirmfoto_2014-01-14_um_23.46.08.png bildschirmfoto_2014-01-14_um_23.45.57.png

Benedikt by Felix

bildschirmfoto_2014-01-14_um_23.53.52.png bildschirmfoto_2014-01-14_um_23.53.29.png

Felix by Benedikt

bildschirmfoto_2014-01-14_um_23.56.00.png bildschirmfoto_2014-01-14_um_23.55.43.png

Pia by Jost

bildschirmfoto_2014-01-14_um_23.57.13.png bildschirmfoto_2014-01-14_um_23.57.33.png

Jost by Pia

bildschirmfoto_2014-01-14_um_23.58.47.png bildschirmfoto_2014-01-14_um_23.58.55.png

Anne-Sophie by Felia

bildschirmfoto_2014-01-15_um_00.04.14.png bildschirmfoto_2014-01-15_um_00.04.04.png

Felia by Anne-Sophie

bildschirmfoto_2014-01-15_um_00.05.43.png bildschirmfoto_2014-01-15_um_00.05.36.png

Ben by Victor (or Carina?)

bildschirmfoto_2014-01-15_um_00.06.48.png bildschirmfoto_2014-01-15_um_00.07.00.png

Victor by Ben or Carina

bildschirmfoto_2014-01-15_um_00.07.11.png bildschirmfoto_2014-01-15_um_00.07.25.png

Carina by Ben or Victor

bildschirmfoto_2014-01-15_um_00.07.45.png bildschirmfoto_2014-01-15_um_00.07.35.png

Re Felix' shot of Benedikt, Michael mentioned Hitchock's North By Northwest as an example of how to make use of close-in portraits and its relation to a long shot (long shot = Totale; close-up = Nahaufnahme). Here the relevant images:
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