3 December, 2013 - 04:55
Tobi points out different formats of digital files as RAW/DNG, jpg etc.

Then Michael and Tobi introduce the session's topic: the spontaneous creation of 10 minute's art: sometimes it is better to create art at short notice and with little or no time than not to start at all. Michael links the idea with an exploration of HfG Building: who and what sits where, who inhabit this building, what activities does it house, how can we move in it and what do we see? So each member of the class is given a camera and a mission: walk out to library, toilets, ZKM museum shop, the top floor etc. and have ten minutes to shoot what you see and how you see it.


hfg-10minutes-art-0277.jpg hfg-10minutes-art-0278.jpg hfg-10minutes-art-0285.jpg hfg-10minutes-art-0289.jpg

Lehel: top floor in extreme low light

hfg-10minutes-art-6466.jpg hfg-10minutes-art-6468.jpg hfg-10minutes-art-6470.jpg hfg-10minutes-art-6471.jpg

Jost: ZKM library (AF disengaged. Took a Clegg&Guttman book (on cognitive exercises), held it in hand, went to counter and asked if they had this book. Tried to shoot authentic reaction on this silly, self-referring question.

hfg-10minutes-art-6441.jpg hfg-10minutes-art-6442.jpg hfg-10minutes-art-6443.jpg hfg-10minutes-art-6444.jpg


hfg-10minutes-art-0260.jpg hfg-10minutes-art-0264.jpg hfg-10minutes-art-0268.jpg hfg-10minutes-art-0266.jpg