3 December, 2013 - 22:51

Toby gave an introduction to large format camera, handling and advantages in tilting perspective.


Sent-in art discussed with Michael: emphasis on recognizable story - need to explain art points at decisions not been taken enough in the process of creation. Recurrent motives like red color (blood). Perspective as device: the closer, the more immediate the action and, vice versa, the more distant the perspective the more general the content. Light (hard, warm, dark etc) as device to create suspense.


Interpretation patterns: Psychoanalytical aspect, pedagogic aspects, etc.

Work sent in by Jost. Comments by himself in a mail to Michael:

Michael wrote: “Three blind mice (repeat)...
This is obviously a strange song and it is hard to understand how it made it’s way in the children’s Nursery Rhymes cannon

Jost wrote: "Is it? Who would not think of Dr. Freud? The castration motive is so overwhelming..."

In my work we see Sigmund Freud, but I had better chosen Judith killing Holofernes as hint to castration metaphor. It came to my mind, when my adolescent daughter asked why I had made "such a cruel collage". She has heard the name Freud, also the term Psychoanalysis, but it doesn't mean to her anything other than shrink. The relating topoi in literature, bible and painting however are familiar to her (ex. Judith vs Lucrecia, now we come to the popular side). So she understood perfectly the metaphor of the wife defending herself against male violation. What she could not see, however, is that this again is to a large extent just a masculine projection, the ultimate masculine threat of castration. Hence it's neither just Freud nor just Judith, but both of them were required to generate a coherent comment.

three-mice-4366.jpg judith_caravaggio-1.jpg

Work sent in by Anne-Sophie. Anne-Sophie's comment:

This is moments before the (brutal) act: the farmer's wife has been forced by the three mice into the corner of the room. The oversized shadow of the knife is the Leitmotiv, accentuated by the red light. The background points at a landscape to introduce an additional dimension to locate the drama in space. I'm shooting at a low level from beneath to represent the scene from the angle of an observing kid.