Prof. Michael Clegg
Prof. Armin Linke
Tobias Wootton
Fach:  Medienkunst - Fotografie

Zeit:  dienstags, 14.30-18 Uhr, 14-täglich (05.11/ 19.11./03.12/17.12/ 14.01/28.01/11.02)
Ort:  Raum 101/ Lichthöfe der HFG
This introduction to art and visual thinking is offered to the new students of the HfG media department and is part of an overall plan to develop a foundation – a series of classes the Media department’s aspects (Sound, Film, Photography, Gaming).
Nevertheless, the class is open to all interested students.
We will address fundamental Art imaging issues and attempt to create a common horizon of knowledge about the field. The introduction to visual thinking is both on theoretical and practical levels and will require you to produce an artwork that will be evaluated at the end of the term.
The Workshop will concentrate on the production of artwork in a group context, in each session we will try to realise an artwork, (i.e. performance, photography, public intervention etc.) with the participation and help of the entire group.