Endless project




Title:Ambivalent Nature - Common Space - Lorinet - 2010



Intro: The "Endless Project" could be a cartography of independent art spaces in Europe; a documentary. It could also be a representation of Marc de Maisonneuve's mental landscape... or a succession of images relating stories; stories of encounters, possible and impossible. In fact a human story that is played inside the viewer. Each image interacting with each other to form a connected space, a same story.
This project is not a photographic documentary, though you can see it as such while remaining aware of it subjectivity and yours. Images of the "Endless project" are not a series of portraits of artists, they are the traces of a meeting. Each encounter is a process of convergence of egos, sometime as a verbal joust, at another time as a divergence, and few time in "sharing of egos" in a conversation. During this encounters time Marc Maisonneuve places points on a map which will later be used to develop his narration.
"Endless Project" is a gathering of stories from others. Even when he approaches abstraction, Marc Maisonneuve tell the merger between matter and language, between verbs and words, between the other and the inner being.


Title:Concentration - Niki van Strien‏'s studio - Foundation B.a.d - Rotterdam - 2011



Title:It isn't that easy.... it is so much simpler - Recording hall (Big) - Berlin - 2012



Endless project: http://www.endless-project.eu/

I really love that project!

Just an interesting comparison between finding your works on your website and seeing them here, some how 'detached' from your other works, it seems as though they 'speak for themselves' much more clearly here, less of a flood of information.

On a separate note, the upside-downness of the images creates a very 'un-real' effect on the objects originally photographed in the space. They have a very strong plastic presence in the image and this makes me want to re-visit them so as to check if they were real or not. Very effective somehow but I dont know if this was the intention though?

Dear AJW and Annika,
Thank you for both comments.
Below you may find some more details about the entire project in Lorient, Rotterdam and Berlin.


From September 2010 to September 201 I traveled through Europe in order to run the «project Endless». I have been to independent art spaces to work in collaboration with artists who live there. I took picture of theirs studios and encrusted 3d Object inside it. Each Object or «Landscape» deals with the statement of the artist inside a complex environment ( social, artistic, economic...).
Each picture is a long process. Technically I need around two weeks to realize one picture, but sometime I even spends more time to meet with artists.
Each picture I shows here, is made of two different things, the context and my perception of it. I spend most of his time, in speaking, in looking at artist’s works. This time is a time of reflexion about the context of the artist, what are there needs and how they respond to them. The second time is a try to bring my own experience inside their worlds with the encusting the 3d narration.
I never really makes a portrait of the artist, but always follow a different way to be and to try to imagine my visage inside it. Some results are enclosed spaces where I found no escape from it, some others are an escape of myself to another perception of my surrounding, to somewhere else.



I realized the first stage of the project from September to December 2010 in ‘les Ateliers du bout du monde’ in Lorient. This was the first attempt to merge 3D tool with photography.
It resulted in a series of portraits that is related to the idea of Object. Each of them is related to the context in which artists work.


Title: The origin of the world
Unused studio
If the title is not enougt clear you may find more info




In 2011 I have been in Residency at foundation B.a.d Rotterdam. I have slowly moved to the idea of landscapes. I decided to follow this idea for two reasons;
The first reason was because of Holland’s Landscape. There is no Landscape as I could understand it. The landscape in Holland have been hand made, have been decided by its inhabitants. That was very important for the Endless project, this idea of self-determination is completely dealing with the idea of independent spaces and responsibility.
The second reason was because Objects were too simple to deal with the statement of an artist, within his work and his environment. A landscape leave me more space to consider the artist’s statement into his environment without going to a basic speech, without going to science. It leaves a place for something else that transcend the language.

Title: Landscape n°4: 123 pots to reforest Arcadia
Helmut Smits' studio
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Chariots of copper and silver
Prows of silver and steel –
Thresh the foam, –
Plou gh up the roots of the thornback.

Currents of the heath
And boundless ruts of ebb tide,
Swirl in circles toward the east,
Toward the pillars of the forest, –
Toward the trunks of the pier,
Its edge struck by whirlwinds of light.


Title: Radicality
Unused studio