Observing clouds around Mt Fuji from 1927-1937 is one chapter in the book titled Cloud Studies.


I saw a copy of it at the HamburgerBahnhof Gallery in Berlin and at the book shop called MZIN in Leipzig. I have not checked but maybe the book store at the ZKM might have a copy also.

Here is the info from the Spector Books website:


Helmut Völter: Cloud studies. Cloud Studies. Études des nuages Text: Helmut Völter, Marcel Beyer With 132 photographs in color print, 272 pages, German, English, Français Design: Helmut Völter Leipzig 2011 ISBN: 978-3-940064-99-8 € 38.00 

Clouds are ephemeral structures - to fix it to their forms divide properly designate and was able to read, the meteorologists of the 19th and early 20th Century. As an important step in order to understand the mysteries of the atmosphere better The then young medium of photography offered the scientists completely new display options. With the camera, they made accurate and realistic images, which gave insight into the interaction of clouds and atmosphere. Helmut VOELTER>