3. Auflage Katalog : Thomas Hirschhorn : Luzern 1996

Collage/ drawing / graphics

[68] p. - 42 x 29,8 cm

Luzern: Kunstmuseum Luzern, 1996 (German, French)





I bought this Katalog in 2001 in the Gallery Chantal Croussel in Paris. I do not know if it is possible to find it somewhere else than in the Kunstmuseum Luzern and in his gallery.

At that time I was looking for some information about Hirshhorn's work and I have found catalogs about its work but I was not interesting about texts from curators or critics of art.

This katalog is made by him and made of his writing about exhibition, preliminary researches of his exhibitions, reaction to talks he had, letter that he send to friend or just writings which carry a kind of statement.

This 'Katalog' really helps me to enter his work in a totally different way than a normal 'katalog'. From it I could have an over view of several exhibitions with texts that carry by the graphic way he used and by his writing style a much more touchable overview.

I do not think this 'Katalog' is made for cultural workers to 'understand' with distance and related to the art history Hirshhorn's statement. But this 'Katalog' is much more fit for student of art, artist or in general people who has something to say in a much more direct way.





"What I want" - translation from French


I want to make a  simple and economical work, I want to work with what I have around me, what is there. I want to do something mobile, mobile in the head. I want to make a impure work, but not by cowardice or provocation, a work by the strength of will . The will result from the belief that I can not win against lie with purity  but with impurity ..
I want to work without pretension , but without pretension does not mean without ambitious. I also want to do something "not clean", dirty, not protected because I think I do not have to protect myself, nor my work.

I want to damage myself, to shoot myself before to shot other people, I want to be cruel, but first with myself. I want to sublime nothing, to not raise anything, to not select anything, to leave everything in the bottom, not leave anything in the top. From the bottom to not create a new top, and from bottom create the other bottom. Therefore a kind of equivalence? No equality, but to say once and for all low because low, not because high. or also: less is less, less is not more. 

I do not want
to do something to glorify,  nothing rewarding, nothing comfortable, always thinking better it worse. I also want that  my work has to fight, fight for its own existence, fighting for survival, then I want to do too much, walking to overspeed, to spend too much as to tire, tiring, tiring, tiring the eye of the spectator, so  the work does not lie anymore. Walking in an expense that does not compute, making it too, refusing a possible exchange but fake.
I also want to remain broken, that is to say that the work does not circumvent contradictions. I want to do with a necessary work, work that is something that does not mean much. Something essential.

Be honest, lucid, awake, do work with any commitment.
Be determined to follow through,
Do what we must do

Think about that: better is worse,
stay fractured
Scare all must fight to exist,
First of all my own work,
show a lot, tiring,
Walk to overspeed,
The overspeed can let you feel tired

Tiredness no longer allow to lie
Do not lie, do not forget, work, work,
not to do something that means something,
do a necessary work

Aus der Serie
"Danke, Thank you, Thank you"





From 'BIC' and the political engagement. P.7 - translation from French


Do you have to work with a 'Mont Blanc' to be with a clear conscience and in the same time be part of an Elite that is different by the writing tool they use? Evidently, all those question I do not ask them, because I want to work, to act. But I do not want to lose my energy by some information or informers who are conscientiously politicized and powerless. Too much conscience kill art, and all vital energies, and so revolt could not exist anymore.