Haishu chen


This is a photoessay of my hometown, Fujian, a province in southeast of China. It is far from the centre of the mainland, but close to Taiwan. Because of both the close to unstable ocean and the militarily sensible location, our Fujiannese could enjoy only rarely peace.

The Title Hai Xi means literally ocean and west, originally a shortage of an offical concept of Western Taiwan Straits Economic Zone. I use it as the title because it perfectly describes the geopolitic conditions of Fujian, and also implies the reference system of selforientation that we choose: not the continent, but the Taiwan Straits.

With these photos I try to combind the historical, geopolitical and anthropological background with our nowadays life, and to answer the questions: What kind of history is behind us? How do the significant events influence our life? And what kind of roll do those place play in our nowadays life, where historical affairs happened?














Haishu, you've shown your book containing above images in yesterday's colloquium.

It made me think of a similar approach by Loan Nguyen. You'll find it following this link:

Some approaches as well as the overall mood (lighting f.e.) are very closely chosen.

Keep going,